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Starfall: Art Gallery site description for Starfall: Art Gallery
Learn about artists and their paintings with these online storybooks. 

Paint Tool site description for Paint Tool
This paint tool lets you choose or create a picture, colour it, use stickers, stamps and more! 

Let's Draw site description for Let's Draw
In this animated video, a student takes a tour of a classroom gallery and describes his own and his classmates' drawings. How can we describe the artwork of others? 

Make a Card site description for Make a Card
You can choose the theme and borders of your card, add pictures or use the paintbrush to write your own message. 
Displaying 4 Great Resources

The ABC Feature

ABC Featured site

for May 13 - 27, 2019

Coconut Odd or Even

Coconut Odd or Even

Which of the coconuts has an odd number and which has an even number? You can choose levels that use numbers up to 1000.
[Found in My Numbers 1..2..3]