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Not Too Little to Help site description for Not Too Little to Help
Have you helped someone today? Read this story, or hear the story by clicking on each word. Try clicking on the illustrations too and watch the mouse and lion move. 

5 Senses site description for 5 Senses
Explore the five senses. First you can learn about each sense, then try the quiz to show what you know. 

Be Kind Online! site description for Be Kind Online!
Watch this video to see how Molly can treat people with kindness and respect at school and on the Internet. 

Take a Trip: Food Groups site description for Take a Trip: Food Groups
Move the hungry ant through the maze to the food at the end of the table. You'll learn about food groups. If you go too fast and bump into something, you'll have to start at the beginning again! 

Pause and Think Online site description for Pause and Think Online
This is a fun animated video about how you can use your brain and heart to be a good friend when you're online. 

Classroom Helpers site description for Classroom Helpers
What job would you like to help with? Everyone can be a classroom helper and have an important job. 

Feel the Music site description for Feel the Music
You can use music to express your feelings. Make the music sound happy, sad or excited. Change the feelings using the weather in the corner. 

Our Bodies site description for Our Bodies
Part One - click on the correct name for the body part. Check your answer and move Forward to the next picture. Part Two - drag the right body part or name to complete the body. 

Cyber-Five site description for Cyber-Five
Hippo and Hedgehog share the Cyber-Five in this video. The Cyber-Five are five rules for staying safe online. 

LearnAlberta: I Am Unique site description for LearnAlberta: I Am Unique
What makes us unique and special? We have our own special face, name and the ability to help others! You can make music and sing a song in English, French or Cree.  

All About Me (Starfall.com) site description for All About Me (Starfall.com)
Build a picture of yourself - your eyes, hair, and style make you unique. Then, you can make your special pet! 

Rotating Faces site description for Rotating Faces
Explore feelings in these mix and match faces.  
Displaying 12 Great Resources

The ABC Feature

ABC Featured site

for June 10 - 24, 2019

Zac the Rat Stories

Zac the Rat Stories

Learn about the short vowel 'a' in these three short stories. Click on each scene to see Zac's actions. Click on the ear to hear the sentences read aloud.
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