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Read Write Think - Puzzle Me Words site description for Read Write Think - Puzzle Me Words
Scootie the school bus says organize the puzzle pieces to make a word. 

Animal Who? site description for Animal Who?
Type a letter on your keyboard. When the animal appears, listen to the sound it makes and tell us what it is. 

Read Write Think - ABC Match site description for Read Write Think - ABC Match
Flip over a picture, then flip over a letter. Try to match the letters to the pictures as quickly as you can. 

AlphaSwitch site description for AlphaSwitch
Move each picture on to the letter that starts the word. 

Starfall ABC's site description for Starfall ABC's
Click on a letter to explore with fun songs and activities. 

Professor Garfield: Fishing with Phonics site description for Professor Garfield: Fishing with Phonics
Garfield is fishing. Choose beginning or ending consonants and then click on the one that completes the word. 

Cookie Monster's Alphabet Soup site description for Cookie Monster's Alphabet Soup
You can make words in Cookie Monster's bowl of soup. You need to drag the vowel into the word. 

Alphabet'imals site description for Alphabet'imals
Click on the letters to see the animal made in the shape of each letter. Some have a sound that you can hear. 

Read Write Think - Picture Match site description for Read Write Think - Picture Match
Have fun matching pictures with their beginning letters, short vowel or long vowel sounds. 

PBS Kids: Alphabricks site description for PBS Kids: Alphabricks
Help the pig fill in the hole in his house, so the wolf can't get in. Listen and click on the letter he asks for, and learn all the letters of the alphabet. You can pick "easy", "medium" or "hard". 

Alphabet Order site description for Alphabet  Order
Help the monkey put the alphabet in order by dragging and dropping the blocks into place. 

Literacy Center site description for Literacy Center
There are many different activities on this site for learning numbers, letters, and shapes. 
Displaying 12 Great Resources

The ABC Feature

ABC Featured site

for Sept 17 - Oct 1, 2018

Paint Splat

Paint Splat

Help Peep make the colours he needs to paint the fence. Jump on the paint tubes to combine the primary colours.
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