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Animal Lost and Found site description for Animal Lost and Found
Can you help the owners find their missing pets? Count eyes, ears and mouths. 

Grover's Winter Games site description for Grover's Winter Games
Enjoy some winter sports with Grover. You will have to choose your athlete and your sport. Psst..you will have to use your math skills to master the sports. 

Measure That Animal site description for Measure That Animal
Giraffes, iguanas and elephants! Head over to the zoo and help measure the animals. The animals are all different sizes and in different habitats. You may even get to measure the zookeeper. 

Learn to Write Numbers site description for Learn to Write Numbers
Learn to write numbers by following the arrows. This is a great activity for a whiteboard . 

More or Less Legs site description for More or Less Legs
You will see 'More Legs' or 'Less Legs' above the picture. Choose the bug that matches that description and feed it to the monster. 

Connect the Dots Game site description for Connect the Dots Game
Connect the dots to make a picture. Start with numbers up to 10. Keep going and some pictures will be up to 20. 

Save the Whale site description for Save the Whale
You need to add to 10 to free the whale. Look at the pipe and figure out which extra pipe you need to drag up total 10. 

Bees and Honey site description for Bees and Honey
There are three games to play. Help the bees get nectar, open the flowers and chase the bees through the field. 

CBC.ca: Blooming Bubbles site description for CBC.ca: Blooming Bubbles
Can you help plant a garden? Be sure to choose the best level of counting for you. 

Caterpillar Count site description for Caterpillar Count
Collect the numbers in order and your body will get longer. Just drag the head to each number in order. 

Curious George: Juggling George site description for Curious George: Juggling George
Have fun counting fruit! Click the fruit to give George fruit to juggle. Then, click on George to watch him juggle! 

Curious George: Glass Palace site description for Curious George: Glass Palace
Help George find the numbers from 1 to 100 in the glass palace. 

Curious George: Count Your Chickens site description for Curious George: Count Your Chickens
Monkeys love chicks! Can you help George count them? When there are two pens, can you see which pen has more and which has less? 

Curious George: Banana 411 site description for Curious George: Banana 411
Dial the numbers you hear on the banana telephone pad to see funny clips from the Curious George show! 

Ladybird Spots site description for Ladybird Spots
Ladybirds are another name for ladybugs. Let's play with their spots. We can count them, match them or put them in order from smallest to largest and back again. 

Underwater Counting site description for Underwater Counting
Do you want to count up to 5 or go higher and choose up to ten? You can count all of the underwater creatures. 

Animals in the Ocean - Counting site description for Animals in the  Ocean - Counting
Count the animals in the ocean with this fun activity. 

Animals on the Farm - Counting site description for Animals on the Farm - Counting
Learn about animals on the farm as you count. 

Cat in the Hat: Math Safari site description for Cat in the Hat: Math Safari
Play some of these animal games and have fun with math, shapes, sizes and more. 

Monkey Number Order site description for Monkey Number Order
Practice counting by dragging and dropping the numbers in order. Level 1 includes numbers 1-10, level 2 includes 11-20, and so on.. 

Count the Bananas site description for Count the Bananas
This is a very hungry monkey! Count how many bananas he eats. 

Bananas for Lunch site description for Bananas for Lunch
Listen and watch this online story about a hungry little monkey. 

Marble Math Addition site description for Marble Math Addition
This is a game to test your addition skills. You can pull the marbles into the boxes to help you count them. 

Spider Count site description for Spider Count
Click on the jokers and count the spiders as they fall. You can go all the way to 10 spiders and then you can take them out as well. 

Curious George: Apple Picking site description for Curious George: Apple Picking
Help George and Jumpy the Squirrel grab the apple that fits into the apple number line. 

Math Story site description for Math Story
Choose from 1 of 4 stories and click on the missing number to complete the story. Use the arrows to move through the story. 

What Number Is Missing? site description for What Number Is Missing?
Help Mr. Panda to find the missing number. Click on the number which is missing in the series. 

Count How Many? site description for Count How Many?
Choose a picture and then count objects in the picture. 

Colour By Number site description for Colour By Number
Colour the pictures by matching the number to the colour with your paintbrush and then paint! 

Greenelle's Numbers site description for Greenelle's Numbers
"Have fun with Greenelle as you help her count her toys." [site] 

Counting Fish site description for Counting Fish
Count the number of fish in the sea and then click on the correct answer. 

Five Frame site description for Five Frame
Play these four different games to develop counting and addition skills. 

Literacy Center site description for Literacy Center
There are many different activities on this site for learning numbers, letters, and shapes. 
Displaying 33 Great Resources

The ABC Feature

ABC Featured site

for Feb 20 - Mar 5, 2018

Take a Trip: Food Groups

Take a Trip: Food Groups

Move the hungry ant through the maze to the food at the end of the table. You'll learn about food groups. If you go too fast and bump into something, you'll have to start at the beginning again!
[Found in About Me]