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Helicopter Rescue site description for Helicopter Rescue
This game can help students identify and work with numbers up to 100. The game is tablet-friendly and it works well on an interactive whiteboard. 

Coconut Odd or Even site description for Coconut Odd or Even
Which of the coconuts has an odd number and which has an even number? You can choose levels that use numbers up to 1000. 

Paint the Squares site description for Paint the Squares
This Paint the Squares number chart can help students explore number patterns such as odd and even numbers, counting in multiples from times tables and ten more and ten less. The chart is IWB and tablet-friendly. 

Compare Numbers on a Number Line site description for Compare Numbers on a Number Line
Compare the numbers on two different number lines and decide which is bigger. This is a great game to get children thinking about place value and reading number scales. There are different levels to choose from 

Save the Whale site description for Save the Whale
You need to add to 10 to free the whale. Look at the pipe and figure out which extra pipe you need to drag up total 10. 

Counting Fish site description for Counting Fish
Count the number of fish in the sea and then click on the correct answer. 

Blast Off! Numerical Order site description for Blast Off! Numerical Order
Practice counting by dragging and dropping the numbers in order. Level 1 includes numbers 1-10, level 2 includes 11-20, and so on.. 

Connect the Dots site description for Connect the Dots
Connect the dots to make a picture. Start with numbers up to 10. Keep going and some pictures will be up to 20. 

Measuring in cm site description for Measuring in cm
This interactive whiteboard activity demonstrates measuring and scales; see the positioning of objects at the beginning of the scale rather than the end of the ruler. There are two levels, one with whole numbers and the second with whole numbers and halves. 

Let's Compare site description for Let's Compare
In this tablet-friendly game for early learners, students compare the sizes of objects and animals. Choose a theme, At the Beach or Animals, and decide biggest, smallest, shortest, longest and tallest. 

Underwater Counting site description for Underwater Counting
Do you want to count up to 5 or go higher and choose up to ten? You can count all of the underwater creatures. 

Caterpillar Count site description for Caterpillar Count
Collect the numbers in order and your body will get longer. Just drag the head to each number in order. 

Ladybird Spots site description for Ladybird Spots
Ladybirds are another name for ladybugs. Let's play with their spots. We can count them, match them or put them in order from smallest to largest and back again. 

Marble Math Addition site description for Marble Math Addition
This is a game to test your addition skills. You can pull the marbles into the boxes to help you count them. 

Curious George: Apple Picking site description for Curious George: Apple Picking
Help George and Jumpy the Squirrel grab the apple that fits into the apple number line. 
Displaying 15 Great Resources

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for June 10 - 24, 2019

Zac the Rat Stories

Zac the Rat Stories

Learn about the short vowel 'a' in these three short stories. Click on each scene to see Zac's actions. Click on the ear to hear the sentences read aloud.
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